Ivanovo techcarbon and rubber — 85 years
history and ongoing development!
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About the Company

The history of our enterprise began in 1933, the Company having been developing successively from its establishment to the present day. As of today, the ОАО «Ivanovo Techcarbon and Rubber» has been one of the biggest and most dynamically developing Russian enterprises producing slow-acting and semi-active carbon black. The types of carbon black produced by our Company have been widely used in rubber and paint and varnish industries, polygraphy, polymer and cable production, construction and metallurgy.

Nowadays, the OAO «Ivanovo Techcarbon and Rubber» not only produces carbon black but also efficiently sells a wide range of industrial rubber goods of its own production as well as those of other enterprises, which proves a high quality of carbon black produced by us and our understanding the needs of manufacturers of industrial rubber goods.

At present, our enterprise has got industrial facilities capable of manufacturing up to 30 thousand tons of carbon black a year. The quality of all types of carbon black produced satisfies the requirements of codes and standards which are in force in the Russian Federation, the CIS and the EC.

The enterprise is located 318 km north-east of the city of Moscow. It has got its own branch railway line, own truck fleet, its personnel being over 100 skilled employees. The staff of the enterprise has been taking measures to control and improve output product quality, being focused on meeting customer requirements.

Our favourable geographical location, product differentiation, increase in production and modernization thereof, product export and the Company’s inner stability make it possible for us to set high goals before us and be sure of achieving them.