Ivanovo techcarbon and rubber — 85 years
history and ongoing development!
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The enterprise «Ivanovo Techcarbon and Rubber» purchases feedstock for carbon black production on an ongoing basis. We are always ready to consider any business offers for providing permanent supply of high-quality hydrocarbon feedstock to our enterprise.

Our demand for raw materials:

  • Heavy petroleum resin;
  • Anthracene oil and anthracene fractions of coal-tar resins from coke-and-by-product process;
  • Unified chemical recovered oil;

Our enterprise purchases on an ongoing basis paper bags (84*55*13 cm) as well as polyethylene and polypropylene Big Bags of special sizes.

If you have the foregoing raw materials available and you are interested in a mutually beneficial collaboration with our enterprise, please contact us! Contact person: Sergey Aleksandrovich Mizgirev, Acquisition and Logistics Manager

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Email: snab@tuir.ru, gh-75@mail.ru